The infamous David & Goliath tee I told you all about in November has finally been added to their online store!

The 'I can tell your bag is fake' Trendy Wendy tee is $20 in a range of colours. UK ladies, there is a David & Goliath shop on Carnaby Street in London, or you can try House Of Fraser where I picked up the pink version for a slightly extortionate £22. Why do we always get ripped off in this country?


Along with this gem, a load of other new designs have just been added to the site.  Next on my list are 'If shopping is a crime...arrest me!' or 'shopping isn't a hobby, it's a full time job'. If you're a bit more bitchy, you'll probably love 'spandex is a privilege, not a right' and 'I have ugly friends so I look prettier'. Finally, you've got to love 'if you take me shopping, I'll pretend I'm your girlfriend'. Absolute genius!