If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows have to be the frames. These oft-neglected arches really do make a difference to your face. Straggly or unshaped brows might not be making the most of your features.

The first step to groomed brows is to get the correct shape. If you feel the need to have the same eyebrows as Kylie, brow shaper to the stars Shavata has created a celebrity brow shaping kit (£12). Try to pick a celeb with similar face shape and brows to your own – as Brooke Shields’ bulky brows are unlikely to work on you if your features are small and delicate.


According to Shavata, an initial professional shape followed by at-home daily maintenance is the best route to perfectly shaped eyebrows. Make tweezing a part of your routine with these cute heart-shaped tweezers ($40) from tweezer specialist Tweezerman. The accompanying mirror compact means they are less likely to get lost in the bottom of your make up bag, and there’s no excuse not to pluck, wherever you are!

Once shaped, tame brows and fill any gaps with the excellent Brow-Zings from Benefit ($28). This nifty little kit includes cute mini tweezers, and two brow brushes – one for the filling in powder, and the other for the brow-setting wax. For the most natural results use small, light strokes in the same direction as your eyebrow hairs. [Charlotte Howells]