By now you will have noticed I've got a new Catwalk Queen on board. The fabulous Charlotte will be joining me on the blog from now on, and she's already looking to steal my crown by writing some fabulous stuff. I thought in honour of inviting a newbie to the crew, today I'd bring you some things that I think are fit for a queen...

First up, a royal needs some pampering, and who better to provide the goodies than the aptly named Principessa Beauty? The cute Bellina box ($52) holds a sweet scented hand cream, shower gel and bath foam and a girlie pink body puff.

Next up, some fit-for-a-queen basics in the shape of these crown-themed tees. On the left is the $49 'Ritz' crest tee from Tres Femme (I have it in brown and I wear it to death) and on the right is Creative Queen's $40 longsleeved Royal T.

Every Queen needs some crown jewels, so the Bling Crown Earrings ($110) from Shop Intution will do just fine, and for days when gold goes better with the outfit, Juicy Couture's $95 crown locket ticks all the boxes.

Finally, some luxury is in order, and what better way than some ridiculously expensive Crown Royale chocolate (400g for £29.63 at The House of Chocolate). If you're going to pig out, you may as well do it in style!