Those of you who follow fashion will know that we're entering one of the most important times of the year. It's Autumn / Winter Fashion Week, where we get to see all the stuff we can't buy until September. The couture shows are taking place as we speak, with pret-a-porter to follow over the coming weeks. Though blogging live from the Fashion Weeks isn't an entirely new idea (even I did a bit of it in London this time last year - please ignore the spam comments if you take a look at that link!) it's going into overdrive this year with Almost Girl and Fashion Tribes blogging, podcasting and generally giving us all the gossip live from New York.

All this is part of the current 'Carnivale of Couture', which this week looks at the subject 'The State of the Fashion Union'. It's a fairly wide-reaching topic, but look out for our thoughts over the next few days. And in the meantime, in celebration of the couture shows, I've found some Elie Saab for you to swoon over! Oh, to be invited to the Oscars and able to wear one of these!