There seems to have been a boom lately in hair products based on your hair colour - instead of the traditional bottles aimed at 'fine' or 'greasy' hair types, now I'm faced with 'blonde' vs 'brunette'. As someone who has recently switched from team blonde to team brunette, I've tried quite a few of these products on both sides of the divide. These are the ones that worked best for me.


Although not made exclusively for blondes, Bedhead Dumb Blonde Shampoo (£7.40) brings out your highlights like no other, as well as being mega-conditioning to boot. The pioneer of colour enhancing ranges - Sheer Blonde by John Frieda, also deserves a mention; I liked the Highlight Activating Shampoo (£4.47).

I wasn’t keen on Sunsilk when I was blonde, but their Brunette range (Shampoo £2.19) is great –one wash converts my hair from mousy brown to brilliant brunette. For a colour boost, Trevor Sorbie’s new colour+ products (Shampoo £4.99) really do strengthen my colour. A word of warning though, be prepared for a bathroom awash with brown water when you rinse it out.

Whatever your shade, if your hair is coloured, make sure you treat it extra nicely. Aussie, whose products I love, have just launched a conditioning coloured hair range (Conditioner £3.49). If your hair needs some serious TLC, then invest in some Terax Crema (£12.65) to bring your locks back to life. It may be pricey, but it works!

Before you complain, I’m sorry I’ve missed redheads out. Although I have been blonde, brunette and even pink, I have no experience of products for red hair and didn't want to recommend stuff I've never tried. So it's over to you, redheads! Which products give you truly amazing colour? Ditto to those raven-haired beauties out there. [Charlotte Howells]