If you're naturally curvy - think Catherine Zeta Jones or Kelly Brook - then you will have no trouble creating this season's cinched in look. If however, like me, you have no waist to speak of, or you're one of those lucky straight up, straight down model types then you will have to do your waist-creating yourself. Luckily, there's a whole legion of belts to do just that.

Buckle your waist in twice or thrice with these waist-cinching belts from River Island (£29.99), Additions (£15) and Topshop (£25). Alternatively you could lace it all in with the corset style belt from Oasis.

If belting up doesn't take your fancy, tie yourself a waist with this Miss Selfridge Jersey tie (£15), or a chic tie-up sash from Oasis (£20). Scarves and ribbons will also do the job, Burberry Prorsum sent practically every model down the catwalk with a ribbon round her waist in their Spring/Summer 06 show, tied over vests, dresses, coats...you name it.

Create your own bow to match every outfit with ribbon from a local haberdashers or VV Rouleaux.  [Charlotte Howells]