The Winter sales have begun, so over the next few days I'll be picking out my favourite finds from the online reductions. Let's start with a mis-matched bundle of bargains from both sides of the Atlantic...

Botkier Safari bag in metallic chestnut from Shopbop ($462 from $660)
I've had my eyes on this for ages and now it's got 30% off. It's still expensive, but if you've got Christmas cash left, it's a gorgeous find and is a great subtle take on the metallic trend.

Chip & Pepper 'Issy' jeans at Active Edeavors $155 from $222
Jeans never go out of style and Chip & Pepper is one of the cult brands to be seen in right now. If you're going to spend out on anything, it may as well be something you wear almost every day!

Turquoise craft kimono print dress from Warehouse £35 from £65
This dress will easily see you through the Summer. It's a timeless shape that flatters most figures, and the interesting print is a beautiful nod to the current oriental trend.

Sequin muscle back vest from Topshop £12 from £20
Team this with a pair of well-fitting jeans and some heeled shoes and you have the perfect party outfit. For a more formal event, swap those jeans for a black satin pencil skirt.