It's almost Christmas. Time to shop around for mobile phone deals and of course your favourite dresses. With number nine I'm actually cheating a little bit, since it's not available until January...but it's pretty to look at. This is the $149.50  'Sierra' dress from Zum Zum by Niki Livas, available at Windsor.

A chocolate coloured dress is the perfect segue into real chocolate! I adore the range of chocolate handbags from Choco Choco house (shown above is the Uptown 12-piece set $35.95). What could be better than finding some edible handbags on your doorstep in early January? (You know that new year diet won't last very long). The choccies are made to order so they take a few days to be shipped, but now's the perfect time to order internationally - it's cold enough for you to get your chocs without them melting!