I could argue that the best way to get Keira Knightley's look is with a hefty dose of collagen in the lower lip, but I'd never be that bitchy, right? I'm just jealous she gets to wear Matthew Williamson dresses to film premieres. And speaking of Matthew Williamson dresses...

The very same dress that Keira wore to the London premiere of Pride & Prejudice is now available at Net a Porter for £1295. If that's just slightly out of your budget, ASOS (who else) are selling a cheaper alternative, the 'Keira' dress for £40. It's not available in purple, but in red or black.

Keira's got plenty of designer arm candy, but she seems particularly attached to her Fendi Spy bag in dark brown (see her toting it here, here and here). The real thing (shown above left in a different colour) is virtually impossible to get hold of and will set you back hundreds, if not thousands when you finally do track it down. Even the replicas come up pricey. Besso's spy bag is $400, while Lush Fashions' versions (right) start at $140. You could try eBay for cheap versions, but beware of scams! ASOS do a bronze bag for £12 that's similar to the Spy (and much nicer in real life than it look in the pictures).

Off duty, Keira's look is quite scruffy and thrown-together, but because of those designer bags and perfect accessories, she always looks 'finished', even in jeans (try Diesel 'Cherone' for £110 at W1 Girl). She wears a lot of slouchy flat boots (try Office's fold-down boots for £54.99) and simple jersey pieces that skim her super-slim frame. Copy her T-shirt dress with Dorothy Perkins £30 stud detail dress, slipping a pair of footless tights underneath if you have the legs to pull them off (£4.70, Pamela Mann at Tights Please).

Many thanks to Keira Seduction for their galleries.