I promised when I did the outfits for £100 feature that I'd do the same for my US visitors, and I like to stick to my word. So here are three fabulously festive outfits for ladies on a tight budget. They all come in at under $150 for the full get-up, including shoes.

Fabulously Formal
If you've got a big event to go to during Christmas season, you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. There are some great bargains to be found if you know where to look. The strapless mermaid dress is a great bargain at $64.99 from Rampage. Keep the chill off by topping it with an embroidered velvet jacket from Old Navy ($29.50). Slip your feet into some opulent but comfy velvet wedges ($29.99 at Go Jane) and finish the look with some delicate butterfly earrings ($6.50 at Claire's). The total? An unbelievable $130.98!

Modern Victoriana

If you're brave when it comes to your fashion choices (not to mention blessed in the leg department) give the latest celeb fad - gaucho pants and knee-high boots - a try. Gauchos are on sale in a variety of colours and lengths, but I'd go for black (it's slimming) with slim, high heeled boots (gauchos $39.50 and boots $29.50 both from Windsor). Top them off with a great Victorian-inspired blouse ($32 at Delias) and an eye-catching, fitted jacket ($40.99 at Go Jane). You'll then have just enough change from your $150 to finish off the look with some pearls ($7 for the set at Go Jane). The whole outfit comes to $148.99.

Audrey Updated
Take inspiration from one of the best dressers of the last century with a modern adaptation of Audrey Hepburn's chic, pared-down style. Slip into a pair of well-fitting, slim-cut jeans ($59.99 at Express) and a waist-defining turtleneck sweater ($16.99 from Target). Swap your usual flat boots or sneakers for a pair of pretty velvet Mary-Jane flats ($19.50 at Old Navy) and finally, pull on a retro double-breasted houndstooth coat (an amazing $49.50 at Old Navy).  Jeans, a coat and Hepburn-esque shoes all for $145.98. Now that's value for money!