I spent today in central London, on the premise of attending a press event, but also so I could swoop into H&M on Oxford Street and snatch up a black Stella McCartney trouser suit from the second run of her diffusion collection before it sold out (and looking at how much the range is going for on eBay, I wish I'd bought everything else too). Whilst shopping working very hard I also found time to nip into House Of Fraser, where I spotted two fabulous t-shirts from the ever reliable David & Goliath. The first read 'If the shoe fits buy it in every colour', and the second 'I know your bag is a fake'. Fabulous, and going straight on my Christmas list! I can't seem to find those tees online yet, so for eye candy these alternatives will have to do...

Hamster tee $24 at Delias

Button Moon tee £15 at Kitsch Shop

Pirates arrr cool tee $24 Urban Outfitters

Team Sienna tee £10 ASOS