Gone are the days when a band tee was a cheap printed picture of the Spice Girls on a Fruit Of The Loom XXL t-shirt. Now the coolest artists, the best vintage rock Gods and the funkiest new names in music are working with graphic designers to come up with great merchandise you'll wear to more than just gigs. This look is great for daytime casual, but choose your artists carefully! True fans won't take lightly to your slapping their icons on your chest if you don't even own an album, so be true to your own personal taste. This isn't a trend so much as a lifestyle!

Show your love for more than just Ozzy's incomprehensible ramblings on The Osbourne's with a Black Sabbath baseball jersey ($38 at Urban Outfitters). Unsurprisingly, queen of quirky style Gwen Stefani has made sure the No Doubt merchandise is up to par, and it's no surprise that the Catwalk Queen favourite is the Royal Crown tee ($24.99 at the No Doubt store).

One of my favourite artists, Jason Mraz, has a quirky range of tees that barely looks like fan merchandise. I love the witty 'I'm a fan' tee ($19.99 at the Mraz merch store), complete with electric fan graphic! For a bit of vintage cool, the Magical Mystery Tour tee ($24 at Hot Topic) pays homage to the original boyband (The Beatles, of course).

For a bit of authenticity I got some help from music obsessive (and my best mate) Jenni to pick two of the consumate 'classic' band tees. First of all is Iron Maiden's 'The Number of the Beast' tee, featuring artwork from the album of the same name ($19.95 at Choice Shirts) and second is the instantly recognisable 'Hey Ho' Ramones tee (£13.99 at Tshirtsville). If you want rock royalty, these are the ones to go for. Just be sure you can talk the talk to go with them!

Finally, we have Ringspun's Allstars tee featuring Debbie 'Blondie' Harry (£19.99 at FrankisFrank), and a bit of classic rock with the Led Zepellin 'Swan Song' babydoll ($19.99 at eMerchandise), both great homages to classic musical legends!