Those who've followed me since the early days will know that I'm a bit of a beauty product fiend. I even created a one-off a beauty magazine when I was a student. With that in mind I thought it was high time I wrote about my favourite beauty products (of the moment) for you lot. They might not actually change your life, but they'll definitely make it a whole lot better...

Blogbeauty1Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (from £9.50)
Possibly the greatest thing on earth after Diet Coke and 'Lost', this is my skincare Holy Grail. I started getting spots in my early twenties and they've never really gone away. This is the only cleanser that really keeps them at bay while making my skin look as gorgeous as possible. It truly is a miracle product. It's creamy but it works on oily skins as well as dry ones. You rub a small amount of cream onto a dry face, then massage it off with a hot, damp muslin cloth. Your skin will never feel so clean and you'll notice the difference in a matter of days (honestly). I rarely believe the hype surrounding skincare, but it's all true in this case. It really does do wonders for all skin types.

Blogbeauty2 Too Faced Quickie Chronicles $25 (or £18 at HQ Hair)
As a rule I'm not a fan of make-up palettes as I always think you end up only using half the colours. But these are the exception that prove the rule. The folks at Too Faced definitely know what they're doing and pick perfectly complimentary colours to go in their retro palettes. They contain a blush/bronzer, three eyeshadows and four lip colours, along with the tools to to do the job (though sadly no mirror). They're super-slim (about 5mm) and the products are great quality and the colours are super-wearable. What more does a girl need?

Blogbeauty3 Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray £13.50 / $9.99
I never thought I'd spend this much on what is essentially hairspray, but when I read that one woman offered hundreds of dollars for the last bottle in a NY salon, I had to see what the fuss was about. This is a real multi-tasker. Spray it into freshly washed hair before blowdrying for Barbarella-esque volume. Spray it into lank, day-old hair to soak up oil and add some oomph. My hair is naturally thick anyway, but this adds a matte finish and hold to my hair that I'd usually only dream of. I can wake up the morning after blow-drying with this and still have serious root lift. And the lie-in I get as a result of that is definitely worth £13! It goes a really long way, but no matter how much you spray in, the hair never goes sticky or solid. I don't know how they do it, but I'm not complaining!

Blogbeauty4 Lush Dream Cream £7.95 / $18.95
I worked for Lush for a while, so you could say I'm slightly biased towards their natural-based beauty products, but I used Dream Cream for a long time before I became a staff member, and since leaving it's remained one of my must-have items. The fact is, I've never found a body lotion that tops this, and believe me I've looked! Dream Cream manages to moisturise deep down, but still feel light to the touch. It soaks in quickly and smells warm and comforting (that'll be the lavender). It's not as 'trendy' as some thick, highly scented alternatives, but if you want something that will really work without irritating sensitive skin, this is what you need. It's also great for eczema (my grandad swears by it).

Blogbeauty5_1Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara (£3.50 on eBay)
I think it's fairly difficult to find a bad mascara these days, but finding one that does exactly what you want in a saturated market of curling, lengthening, thickening and conditioning products can be a bit of a nightmare. I like long, dark lashes so I get through mascara like it's going out of fashion, thus it was important to me to find a really good heavy, night-time mascara that'll give me dramatic looks for a decent price. Step forward Rimmel. This mascara is amazing! You need to be a pro at applying it as it's very thick, but once it's on the results are fabulous and long-lasting. Be warned though, this is for dramatic, 60s lashes only. If you prefer something more natural, try good old reliable Maybelline Great Lash instead!