Five years ago, we wouldn't have dreamt of buying clothes from a supermarket, but a lot has changed since then. As bargain hunting becomes a passtime not just for those on a budget but for celebs too, our favourite food meccas are cashing in on people's need for affordable, disposable fashion with some amazing on-the-ball trends and dirt cheap basics. Here's the skinny on what's available now in (selected) stores.

With a look that's reminiscent of catwalk looks from Ghost, nobody would ever guess that this dress only costs £20 from Asda. Their 'George' clothing range isn't just the place to go for cheap school uniforms. This season they've got versions of all the hot trends, from velvet pencil skirts to fitted waistcoats. Just avoid the denim one - you don't want people to think you've been taking a leaf out of Jade Goody's books...

Tesco have such fabulous fashions in their stores that you rarely flick through a magazine without spotting something from one of their in-store brands. Cherokee is the younger range, stocking great denim and cord basics, trends like velvet and crochet, and some wonderful knits for less than £20. Reductions happen quick and fast, so keep checking back when you're doing the weekly shop.

Items from Tesco's fashion forward Florence + Fred range sell out quicker than you can say "I saw it in this week's Grazia", and their stockists line is always inundated with calls from people searching for their must-have designs (Chloe-esque silk dresses, YSL style velvet jackets). Large stores are your best bet for the season's key items, which are priced to rival any high street shop. They're also great for classic items like black trousers and crisp white shirts.

Sainsbury's revamped clothing collection, now called 'Tu', has a slightly more mature approach, with key trends and lots of classic basics, and can be slightly pricier than Asda and Tesco. However, they come into their own with the accessories. As well as a wonderful (and affordable) range of jewellery, there are some fab footwear choices (including the £25 pleated satin shoes which emulate a Louis Vuitton style from last Winter) and a £12 zippy bag that looks like a Botkier.

For more information and shopping locations, visit, or Sadly none of the supermarkets sell their clothes online yet. If you've seen a Tesco item in a magazine but can't find it in your local store, the website has a great 'as seen in' page which provides details of all print / press mentions of their clothes.