Following the 'success' of the Karl Lagerfeld for H&M collection last (the clothes were awful and the designer alienated half the population by saying his clothes were for slim people only and he didn't want them made in a size 14+), this year the high street superstars have teamed up with the slightly less snobby (and 100% animal friendly) Stella McCartney to produce a new range of designer clothes at high street prices. The collection will hit selected stored on 10th November, but here's a little sneaky peek at what's on offer...

Stella has said that with this collection she wanted to give H&M shoppers a capsule wardrobe that covered all of her classic cuts and shapes, so what you're getting is a kind of 'Stella in a nutshell' range. That said, many of the key items, like the drop-waist chiffon dress (£59.99), skinny leg trousers (£34.99) and tulip dress (£59.99, worn under my favourite piece, the bow jacket, also £59.99) are still very current and fashion-forward. The range varies wildly in wearability for your average shopper, but the true fashionistas will no doubt snap up the more creative designs to show off to their super-stylish friends, while we minions buy the gorgeous tailoring and chic knitwear.

There's a notable 80s influence in much of the collection, with interesting knitwear like the ribbed blouson jacket (£59.99) and great outerwear like the fabulous puffy black trench coat (£79.99) which will undoubtedly sell out in a matter of hours. If the skinny trousers don't suit you (and let's face it, who can get away with them, really?) the wide leg black trousers are an absolute bargain at £34.99, as Stella is known for her fabulous masculine tailoring.

The collection also includes plenty of silky tops, well-cut jackets, and some talking-point pieces like a satin jumpsuit with short trousers, and an oversized man's shirt. Stella's also designed a bikini, jewellery and underwear for H&M, so even if you're on a tight budget you can snap up some designer style for less. And before anyone asks, the boots in the pictures above are from Stella's main collection, and are completely sold out!

View the entire collection at the H&M website. There's also a store locator listing all stores worldwide which will stock Stella's line from 10th November.