Fashionistas and celeb hounds alike will have probably heard of Rock & Republic. The denim and fashion label has been all over the press recently thanks to their collaboration with a certain Posh footballer's wife. They debuted their latest collection this week at the hot new event in the fashion calender - Los Angeles Fashion Week. The fabulous ClothesHoarse blog is covering the whole event, but we've got the skinny on where to buy Rock & Republic right now.

Victoria Beckham's contribution to the label is the 'London Crown' range of jeans (see her wearing them here), encrusted with sparkly applique pockets based on the British crown jewels. Posh jeans come at a cost, though, and her designs will set you back $264 for the red version at ELuxury. However, discount domain Shop & Save reckon they can get the jeans to you for as little as $139.99, and only charge an additional $9 for international shipping.

Though not currently selling Mrs Beckham's jeans, ASOS are still cashing in on the cache the label gets from using Posh as promotion, and are stocking some of the simple white vests with crystal logos on - including the VB crown (£75) - and a skinny-girls-only denim mini for a ridiculous £145. For those on a budget, they're also selling a pair of stretch jeans with a crown logo on the pocket for £25. Not the same as Vic's, but a hell of a lot more affordable.

Other stockists online include Blaec Clothing, RevolveiFashionMall, and Shop Chic. Most of what's available online is denim or overpriced logo tees, but if you fancy waiting until Spring to get your hands on the full clothing collection, highlights from the recent catwalk show included a dramatic but completely unwearable strapless denim dress with a bubbly cotton underskirt, a strapped-up purple mini (no doubt Victoria will wear it soon) and some serious Daisy Duke-esque denim hotpants worn with western shirts. Visit the official site here.