Let's be honest. This is one trend that we all wished would have stayed in the 80s where it belonged. Puffball skirts (and their bell and bubble spawn) are notoriously difficult to wear and are so flash-in-the-pan they embody the word 'fad'. But the high street is crammed full of them this season, savvy shoppers are already working out how to wear them, and designers are encorporating them into classic outfits with a little bit of imagination. Think this is a trend you can't wear? How wrong you are...

Mid-length softly draped skirts are the easiest of the skirts to wear. Forever 21's $17.80 jersey version will hang beautifully with only a hint of puffiness, and is great for those who're scared to take the plunge completely. For a more directional approach, Miss Selfridge have come up with the goods by creating a crinkled silk skirt with a puffball hem (£40) which would look great with a lacy top and show everyone how fashion-forward you are.

Puffy mini's are definitely the most difficult of the styles to wear, so tread very carefully. You need to be young and super-skinny to truly pull this look off. Topshop's £28 jersey puffball mini is totally 80s, and 'Fame' fans will love wearing it with footless tights and bright jewellery for a full-on retro look. New Look are flogging the most puffy of all the mini's for £18, under the advertising slogan "puffball is the new netball." Their model sports hers with footless tights, ballet pumps and a military jacket, but you can girly it up with opaque tights, platform t-bar shoes and a simple victorian blouse or sleeveless top. The trick is to keep the top half quite fitted and plain to balance the volume around the hips.

How the designers are doing it!
Still confused as to how to wear the trend? Take some inspiration from these designer looks. Diane Von Furstenberg's $245 silk bubble skirt is finished with a sharp velvet blazer and classic court shoes. Missoni's mushroom coloured velvet bubble skirt gets dressed up with a sheer blouse, and CK Calvin Klein's $225 soft jersey number is topped off with a leather jacket and t-bars.